Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is WIOA?

WIOA stands for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.  WIOA is not an entitlement program.  It is a program that provides money for training opportunities for qualified individuals.

2.  What is the Lower Shore American Job Center?

The American Job Center (AJC) is a multi-agency location featuring employment and training services.  Its purpose is to provide access to an array of resources and information in one location.  AJC staff will facilitate necessary linkages and referrals.

3.  Where is the Lower Shore American Job Center?

31901 Tri-County Way, Salisbury, Maryland 21804

4.  What is the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance?

The Lower Shore Workforce Alliance (LSWA) provides job training to residents of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland counties of Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset.  The main goal of the organization is to ensure that job training services provided help individuals gain a greater sense of confidence, entrance to a career field, and move towards a self-sufficient lifestyle.  To learn more about the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance go to

5.  What training programs are available to individuals?

There is a variety of training programs available to individuals who are WIOA certified.  These training programs are funded through WIOA.  For more information about the training programs go to Training Opportunities.

6.  How do I qualify for WIOA funding and gain access to the training programs?

An adult who is either unemployed or dislocated worker may qualify for the approved training programs.  An individual will be required to gain WIOA certification.  To learn more about the WIOA Certification process go to WIOA Certification.

7.  Who do I need to contact to begin the process?

Individuals interested in utilizing the resources available at the Lower Shore American Job Center can initially call them at 410-341-6515.

8.  Does the Lower Shore American Job Center serve persons with disabilities?

Yes.  The Lower Shore American Job Center is designed and equipped to ensure that all customers can access the services and programs they need.  The Lower Shore AJC complies with accessibility and reasonable accommodation provisions of the Workforce Investment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, and the Maryland Accessibility Code.  In addition, the AJC can provide adaptations to help individuals with visual, hearing, mobility and cognitive or language access services.

9.  I have been recently laid off from a job and am collecting unemployment insurance.  Can WIOA help me?

Yes.  Services to dislocated workers are a major component of WIOA activities.  Please contact the Lower Shore American Job Center to inquire about the services that are right for you.  To learn more about dislocated workers and the services available go to Dislocated Worker.